Where Have The Coke Ads Gone?

November 18, 2017

When is the last time you’ve seen an advert from Ford, Holden, Coke, Porsche or Calvin Klein on your television?

This is the question we’ve been asking people for the past month.

95% of people have either said, “I can’t remember”, or “I don’t watch much television anymore”.

Why is this?

Well there are two different factors here.

First, people are watching less television, and when they do, they are looking at their mobile devices or computer screens in the ads.

Guess what they are seeing?

Online advertising instead. And most likely, Video Advertising.

And this leads to the next factor.

Big brands such as Coke have moved their substantial advertising budgets online.

This means that when you watch videos that interest you, you’re seeing their adverts there.

If you are seeing those adverts, they are targeting you specifically because of your age, gender, interests and even your income range!

If you’re not seeing adverts for a particular brand anymore, you probably don’t fit their ideal customer description.

Maybe you aren’t convinced yet.

Watch the television adverts next time they are on. You’ll see a lot of them are for local businesses or television shows. Soon, the local businesses will realise they need to move to online advertising too and the age of Television advertising will be over!