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Online Marketing Statistics

October 1, 2018
Here are some stats from a few of our clients advertising campaigns last month.   Client A (trade business): We found that females were 400% more likely to click on their advert.   Client B (retail): We found the opposite.  85% of ad viewers were male and 90% of clicks[...]
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Important Changes How Google Finds, Views and Indexes Your Website

September 19, 2018
There have been two changes recently, which have the potential to dramatically impact the ability for your potential customers to find your website.   Now, assuming you’re not into all this search engine stuff, we thought we should run through these changes.   At least you can know if you[...]
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I am engaged!

January 11, 2018
Recently, I became engaged. Sweet!  Lucky me. Now begins the process of finding a venue, celebrant, caterers, wedding bands, the list goes on and on! You're probably wondering why I'm posting this on a business blog. I'm not showing off!  It's a great example. How am I and my fiancée[...]
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Forget Me Not

December 22, 2017
Have you looked at something online recently only to have it follow you around for the next month wherever you go? That's called Remarketing. It's a online marketing strategy which is extremely easy to do, and low cost! You might call it stalking, but advertising is about getting a brand[...]
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How to Advertise to Millions for Hundreds of Dollars

December 19, 2017
See this image? This is what we call a Display Advert. You would've seen them everywhere when you are browsing the internet. Guess what? Every single advert you see is being shown to you because you fit the advertisers target customer description. In other words, you are in their age[...]
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