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How to Advertise to Millions for Hundreds of Dollars

December 19, 2017
See this image? This is what we call a Display Advert. You would've seen them everywhere when you are browsing the internet. Guess what? Every single advert you see is being shown to you because you fit the advertisers target customer description. In other words, you are in their age[...]
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Where Have The Coke Ads Gone?

November 18, 2017
When is the last time you've seen an advert from Ford, Holden, Coke, Porsche or Calvin Klein on your television? This is the question we've been asking people for the past month. 95% of people have either said, "I can't remember", or "I don't watch much television anymore". Why is[...]
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How to get more Google reviews

September 4, 2017
If you have a Google My Business account, you probably know that Google has quickly replaced the Yellow Pages as the directory for people to find businesses. The best thing about the Google directory is that your customers can leave reviews on your listing, so that new customers know what[...]
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Why People Buy Online Not In Their Local Store

May 20, 2017
Over 90% of people search online for products or services before buying. Over 70% of those would prefer to buy from local businesses. The problem is most people can't find a good local business when they search for a product or service. Why? Because local businesses either don't have a[...]
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Over 15 million Australians have an active account

March 22, 2017
That's right! Over half of Australians have an active YouTube account. By active, we mean they've logged in within the last month. Crazy right! A couple of decades ago it didn't even exist. If you knew that most of the videos you watch online are hosted by YouTube and you[...]
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