Be Found By Your Target Customers

July 6, 2016

Advertising often is what you’d call a ‘shotgun’ approach.

We aim our advertising at the masses and hope we hit a few good clients.

There’s a big problem with this though.

We end up paying for the exposure we get to the masses, not for the exposure we get to our target audience.

Television, Radio, Online Newspaper Adverts, they all target everyone with extremely limited demographical targeting.

Have you ever done radio advertising and not know how many our your target clients you reached?

Have you ever done a television advert and was sure that your target clients watched that program (or were they just looking through the fridge)?

Or.. have you advertising online with a newspaper? Paying for tens of thousands of ‘views’ from people who may or may not be who you’re after.

This doesn’t have to how you advertise.

What would happen to your return on advertising if you only showed adverts to your target audience.

Only females? Only parents? Only people between the ages of 25 and 35?

What about males between 45 and 65 who like outdoor activities?

If you could get higher exposure to a specific group of people at a lower cost which generated a bigger return… You’d do that right?

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